Our vision

We build fully functional living spaces for those unable to access safe, affordable housing by constructing NEST Homes in homeowners' backyards across Niagara.

Through this innovative model, residents regain their dignity and a sense of belonging, and communities are empowered to tackle the housing crisis together.

The program isn’t intended for everyone. Someone with mental health or addiction issues would be better off in another setting that offers more services, for example. But for others, it’s a way to have stable housing and connect with neighbours, benefit from community and mentorship, regain their self-worth, and chart a path toward prosperity.

Our goal is to combat the housing crisis by constructing Nest Homes and fostering a supportive and compassionate program for those in need of a springboard to a better, more dignified, prosperous life.  


This is not for property owners to make a profit, but to make a difference.


Nest Niagara was not created to address the homeless problem directly or generate profit for the homeowner. Instead, Nest Niagara was created to address the housing crisis by allowing property owners to prevent people from becoming homeless, providing the necessary support and teaching residents the skills to become independent and prosperous.