how it works

How it works.

Nest Niagara is unique in that it empowers the community to work together to make a real difference in addressing the housing crisis.

The program isn’t intended for everyone. Someone with mental health or more serious disabilities would be better off in another setting that offers more services, for example. But for seniors who are unable to find affordable, safe place to live, it’s a way to have stable housing and connect with neighbours, benefit from community and mentorship, and regain their dignity.

We thoughtfully match Nest Hosts with Nest Residents and provide them with a compassionate support network and resources as a springboard to a better, more prosperous life.

We match hosts and residents by several criteria, including their desired level of involvement in each other’s lives, with the primary expectation being that each is a good neighbour to the other.

Potential residents engage in an interview with the NEST Community team so that staff can get to know each unique person and their circumstances and discuss the expectations of the Nest Home Residency and available support to assess fit for each unique property.

Nest Niagara builds and maintains the homes and manages the residency of each resident, asking the homeowner to act as a compassionate friend to their new neighbour.

Community donations fund Nest Homes, plus ongoing operational costs over and above what the resident pays for rent.