What we do

Nest Niagara constructs fully functional living spaces for those on the verge of homelessness by matching them with property owners who would donate a portion of their backyard to install a small home and welcome a new neighbour.

We aim to combat the housing crisis by constructing Nest Homes and fostering a supportive and compassionate program for those needing a springboard to a better, more prosperous life.

Through this innovative model, residents regain their dignity and sense of belonging and receive the support necessary to rebuild their lives with improved job retention, increased employment opportunities, and greater social integration for our Nest Residents.

At the same time, communities are empowered to tackle the housing crisis together and make a real difference to those who need it most.

  • hosting


    The barriers to developing traditional low-income housing are high. We use available property and leverage the community’s desire to get involved to dramatically reduce the cost of housing.

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  • support


    We thoughtfully match Nest Hosts with Nest Residents and provide residents with a compassionate support network and resources as a stepping stone to something better.

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  • the nest partners


    We involve businesses, individuals, professionals and fundraising volunteers who want to support the mission of nest Niagara through their unique skills, passions, donations and resources.

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