Nest Niagara constructs fully functional living spaces for seniors on the verge of becoming homeless by matching them with property owners who would donate a portion of their backyard to install a small home and welcome a new neighbour.

Nest Niagara builds and maintains the homes, plus manages the residency, asking the homeowner to act as a compassionate friend to their new neighbour. Community donations fund the construction of Nest Homes and also cover any ongoing operational costs over and above what our residents pay for rent.

Our approach is not just about building homes, it's about empowering communities to tackle the housing crisis together. By supporting Nest Homes, you can make a real difference to those who need it most.

  • Hosting

    We offer home owners the opportunity of donating a portion of their backyard to build a small home and welcome a new neighbour.

  • Support

    Our program provides a supportive and compassionate network to help each resident achieve a more dignified life. This includes professional social services and thoughtfully matched hosts. 

  • Partners

    We involve people in the community who want to support our mission through their unique skills, passions, donations and resources.