We are a grassroots organization with plans to make a real difference to do our part to address the housing crisis.

Nest Niagara was created to address the housing crisis by allowing property owners to prevent people from becoming homeless, providing the necessary support and teaching the skills residents may need to become independent and prosperous.

Building a team, preparing architectural plans, drafting legal agreements, developing promotional and informational materials, and establishing charitable status, banking, and accounting practices takes effort and also money.

We have recently received some press in the newspapers, and the response has been amazing. I'm thrilled to have received so many emails from like-minded, compassionate people in Niagara who want to make a difference and have shown interest in building a Nest Home in their backyard.

Others have written expressing their support and have offered to help.

If you're able, we would appreciate any financial donations you can make. We have a Donation link on our website where you can donate to help move this project to the next level.

Thank you for your consideration.

Peter Schafrick
Director, Nest Niagara









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