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I was interviewed this week and was pleasantly surprised at how many people reached out to me.


An excerpt:

“The whole concept is homeless prevention; I’d like to do what I can and work with homeowners in stopping people from ending up on the streets.”

He said proactively fighting homelessness will mitigate a lot of the costs associated with shelters, mental health providers and other outreach in the community.

“It’s (homelessness) not safe, it’s not healthy, and takes a significant toll on emotional and mental well-being, before they end up on the streets,” he said.

“I want to provide an opportunity to find homeowners who believe in the cause and willing to have a small home placed in their backyard to give people an opportunity to get their feet back on the ground.”

From those wanting more information, the Region of Niagara for requesting a meeting, and particularly those residents interested in becoming a Nest Host.


It's comforting to know there are like-minded, compassionate people in Niagara who genuinely want to make a difference.



peter schafrick

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